Success Stories

We were able to provide an adaptive trike to a very special girl. Lucy was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor in October and was told that she has about 1 year to live. Her PT from Miller’s Children’s Hospital contacted us asking for help because riding their therapy trike is one of the few things she truly enjoys and can still do. The stars aligned for this precious child and we were able to present this “bike” to her on her 11th birthday during her therapy session/ birthday party at Miller’s.  We hope that this bike gives Lucy some sense of control in her life, as she is still able to control the handle and even brake with her left hand! We hope this boosts her immune system and state of mind, to help prolong her life. Please join us in praying for Lucy and her family.

Sophia was so excited when Susan from OC Special Spokes delivered her bike last Fall.  We have a small grassy area in the middle of our homes where all the kids play.  When she rode her bike that first week, all the neighborhood kids told her what a “cool bike” she had and wanted to to know where they could get one!  She was so excited to be out with the other kids and play. As a mom, it warmed my heart to see her accepted as a normal kid who just wanted to play with the other children on our street.  It truly bridged a gap in her talking and playing with the other children who didn’t quite know how to approach her.  Thanks OC Special Spokes! - Rachel Sutherland (mother of Sophia Sutherland)

"Actually words are not enough to appreciate the great favor which OC Special Spokes team has done, so I asked John to prescribe his feelings, he said:

'I am so happy with my bike, it helps me to do my rescue missions every day to save people who needs help, and so proud of you mom because you are also helping me and run every day with me.'

We have a lot of fun together. He is pretending to be a hero character every day!!! Deeply from my heart , I would like to thank all the OC Special Spokes team for the bike that makes great difference in our life. John is so excited for the race (Dana Point Grand Prix). Hope every child with special needs can get a bike. - Nermin (mother of John Abdelmalak Age 4)