Charity gives children trikes, confidence

OC Special Spokes was recognized in the OC Register in July of 2014 after our first bike day giveaway!

Therapeutic tricycles not only provide the joy of safe cruising, but also exercise, said Susan Hoang, pediatric physical therapist in Dana Point and president of OC’s Special Spokes.

Custom bikes for children usually cost a few thousand dollars, Hoang said, but OC’s Special Spokes purchases them for less than $1,000 from its national organization, AMBUCS.

You can Help!

Rachel Myers, 8, is pushed around by physical therapist and volunteer Cindy Sterkel after receiving a special tricycle from the non-profit OC’s Special Spokes at El Dorado Park in Mission Viejo Saturday morning.
s.ocspokes.06xx.kjs — Photo by KEVIN SULLIVAN / Orange County Register — 6/21/14
Pediatric physical therapists from south Orange County in February formed OC’s Special Spokes, a nonprofit intended to fundraise money to buy special tricycles for children with special needs. It has raised enough money through donations and fundraisers to order 12 bikes. The group will distribute and fit the kids to their bikes at a park on Saturday in Mission Viejo.


Charity gives children trikes, confidence

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